NYC based Australian artist Michael aka Mikka Stiegler works with a big variety of mediums such as painting, printmaking, and drawing. But it’s his collages that particularly caught my eyes. Both naive and whimsical, they highlight the unnaturalness of the pictures he chooses as base for his works, setting him as a satirical artist.

Tearing up pages from fashion magazines and drawing the missing parts in a somehow “If-Basquiat and-Keith-Haring-had-a-son-and-he-was-drawing-with-his-left-hand” kind of way, the childlikeness of his lines and the grotesque of the characters he draws contrasts with the edgy, perfected poses of the models. Not only do the lines in their very own shape disagree with the cleanliness of the jagged images, the absence of colors in his drawings stresses the raw nature of his graffitis, thus underlining the overdoneness of the pictures.

And, icing on the cake, the Aussie artist doesn’t hesitate to completely bring out their ridicule through quirky written words, making it difficult for the viewers not to smirk.

You can follow him on Instagram and on Saatchi Art.