The story of this extremely trendy French-Korean brand is quite unusual. While Julien Couston and his girlfriend Eunsoong Yoo are living in France, Eunsong is tired of having people asking her if she is Chinese. In the meantime, Julien’s brother bought an old pizzeria where he builds a small printing atelier and Julien decides to print her girlfriend a t-shirt stating: “I am Korean” (Je suis coréenne). Back in Seoul, people keep asking about the t-shirt and shops start asking to pass orders. And Oui Paname (빠남 in Korean alphabet) was born. The couple starts their first collection printing days of the week in French on t-shirts and delivering them in pizza boxes (nice reference to the roots of the brand).

Now residing in Seoul where the brand got popular extremely quickly amongst Korean streetwear enthusiasts and is often spotted worn by Korean models and celebrities, Oui Paname has just launched its 4th summer collection a few days ago, keeping a mix of French and Korean keywords as its trademark placed on basic streetwear designs and 2018’s big trend “workwear” inspired accessories.  Watch their new collection and shop on their website.