Eternal representations, ephemeral presentations


Undoubtedly living in what we can call a “society of images”, either by their omnipresence, or the value we give them, it’s simply impossible nowadays not to wonder about the impact images have in our daily life and where we stand on the spectrum of image’s History, that topic is precisely at the center of the young Canadian artist’s creations.

Her works combines ceramic sculpture, figurative paintings, mostly still lifes and landscapes, displaying her training in traditional painting, with 60’s cartoons aesthetic and images borrowed from popular culture, mostly Disney's animation movies. Juxtaposed, superimposed, these images question, by their relations, the symbolism, the relevance, and the persistence of the images and of Art, in our time and through the centuries, challenging the idea of cultural heritage and evolution.

The artist works in a very playful way with the notions of tradition and modernity, ephemeral and eternal. By mixing art genres: on one hand the timeless Dutch inspired paintings, and on the other hand the fleeting attributes of the transparent cartoons drawings, which she has just deposited, like tattoos on the canvas and, in a way, on the whole Art History.

Ephemeral tattoos, which she uses in her work: originally indelible marks, scarifications become finery, eternal become temporary, the ephemeral tattoos perfectly represent the duality of the images: permanent in the History and heritage they represent, but more than ever ephemeral. Today the image is no longer still, it’s alive more than ever, may it be on our TV or smartphone screens, the images move before our eyes, or at the gesture of our hand, as we scroll.

The hand, omnipresent element in the works of the artist, comes as a double reminder: the hand as a tool, ultimate tool of creation of the painter, it’s also a dual symbolic: the know-how of the crafter and artist but equally as a tool of presentation, the hand does, but today, especially, the hand shows.

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