Paintings by artist Takumi Kato explore the contrasts and complementarity of colors and support. Looking at Takumi Kato’s paintings one would be tempted to see the multiplicity of colors as a whole, but by stacking one against another, Kato enhance the value of each individually. Staying away from pure colors, the Japanese artist works with shades and tones of secondary and tertiary colors, often layered horizontally on concrete and gypsum surfaces. Opposing the strength and roughness of the supports with the delicacy of the colors, the Japanese artist plays with rhythm and repetition, using colors as notes, painting soft and catchy melodies. Whereas the support is lifeless, each color appears to be a living element of its own: flowing, dripping, mixing with others. If the gesture of the painter is present, it leaves place to chance and each color seems to find its way on its own. Far from Rothko’s Color Field influences where large color swatches are stretch on canvases, Kato’s works reminisces those of French painter Bernard Frize. Visit Takumi Kato's website